Wednesday, December 21, 2011


What an absolute privilege we had to spend the day learning about the Jewish traditions of Hanukkah. We were taken back in time to the struggle for freedom of worship of the Jewish people. The horrific battles, the destruction of the temple and of Jerusalem and the hiding of the Torah that had to be done by God's chosen people. We were caught up in the miracle of oil lasting eight days... we were ready to celebrate with the lighting of the candles and feasting on fried foods. It was a life altering morning as we felt God's presence in our midst as we sought after the truth of the holiday.

The kids learned the real reason of the dreidel. The education of the Torah and how the children had to hid their parchments and play the game... a life lesson for even today... that sometimes we get half, sometimes we get it all, sometimes we get none, and sometimes we have to pay it all...but everyday we spend the dreidel in life and we see what may come.

The goodies.

Ms. Mela.

Our home now has one. We will light our menorah each night of Hanukkah to be a witness of our faith.

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