Thursday, December 22, 2011

Celebrating Family Style

This is what keeps me on task during a month like December. I used to make my own countdown every year, but my sister saved me from that this year and sent me this cute knitted mitten to fill count down. I fill each day with an activity of some sort, caroling, baking, calling someone you love, writing a letter to King Herod, the Christmas story from someone or some thing's perspective (like the sheep or the donkey), go see The Gift, just to name a few... we have had a blast! Good traditions!

This house in Fruitland Park set the lights to music, and it was amazing. The owners came out after we sat there for a little too long, I think they were wondering if we were stalkers! Steve got the info on how it all happens. It was really cool!

Every year a group of us who have been friends long before marriages and kids get together for some good food and time to catch up! We are never disappointed by the display of food and we try to get a pic so we can see the kids change from year to year. This year the oldest (Kelley) is 20 and the youngest (Maddie) is 7. We won't give away any of the adults years, too many to count! All I know is that this group of people are living flesh of the scriptures where we are told that He provides for all our needs. These friends have done that for me again and again. Good times!

They drew for gifts this year, and it was fun.

Olivia ended up with a cup of candy! Big smiles.

Another generation of friends that are family.

The Warehouse Church aka Vineyard, had their annual Christmas program and it was centered around ministries of the church. Each department had a part. The girls danced a "Nutcracker" performance, and were wonderful as always. They told jokes and sang "Do you hear what I hear?". It was nice to take time to honor Jesus for His birthday.

This was our family Christmas card we sent out this year. This phrase had been running through my mind for weeks, so I thought we should use it. The girls insisted we had a real card this year, no photo card, so I gave in.

The inside. It is a photo taken in the Atlantis, in the Bahamas!

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