Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve and Day

We had a whirlwind of family time... in 24 hours we went down to St. Petersburg, back home to Bushnell, over to Tarrytown, then off to Umatilla and back home. We were blessed with more gifts than we could imagine. The girls were in tears as they reflected on their day and just were overwhelmed by all the love.

Grandparents gave the girls a laptop... we had been making it with one and some days of school we just needed more than one!

We all were made vests by Mickie. We did pose nice, but we also had to get in a Gansta pose!

Vinyl and satin vests! Bet it was not on your Christmas list!

Our dear friends here from North Carolina wanted to get in on the action of the vests. Good times!

Take that! Someone got too much stuff! (me! Thanks honey!)

First thing out! I had turned their clocks back so we got an extra hour of sleep! Did not work, we were up at seven! Turkey in and into the presents!

Our annual photo of the how they have grown!

Teddy pretended we were not there... too much hoopla!

Next was Finn world! The house was full of people and food! We had a blast. Everyone was surprised at their gifts! Besides the "picture" controversy, it was a super time!

Conrad and his TV!

Steph and her new camera!

Liv and her Ipod touch!

Then birthday!

The day after! Vests and guns...nice hair dudes! Merry Christmas!

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