Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dade Battlefield and Wahoo Swamp

Our field trip in December included battles that took place in Sumter County. The Battle of Wahoo Swamp was just one of many, but significant because of the road that is still used today... it is just now covered in pavement rather than be dirt. Records have shown that DeSoto traveled this road as well. The swamp was not accessible to the kids (thank goodness) but Mr. Tim made the story even more real with his descriptions and details.

We also went to Dade Battlefield. Ranger George was dressed up in frontier clothes and shared with us many details of life. He was great at including the kids in the conversations and questions.

Super cool...and loud!

Behind where we were sitting is where the soldiers made a small encampment and surrounded themselves after they had been attacked by ambush of the Indians. It put them at greater risk, and only two survived. It is a great park to visit and there is a re-enactment in early January if you are in the area!

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