Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vacation Part 1

Our family went on a short weekend getaway for a last hurrah before the new school year began! The Symonds went too, and we both got rooms at Hotel Isis, in Redington Beach. It was lovely, but a little small by the last day. We went to a few local restaurants and our favorite for seafood was Keegan's. The best she crab soup I have ever had! Another night we went to Dockside Dave's and had their seafood bisque and it was HORRIBLE! Live and learn!

The weather was gorgeous! We swam with stingrays, but they minded their own business and left us alone! Our minds were on bigger creatures of the water since we had found Discovery Channel and realized it was Shark Week! Yes, it stayed on the channel the whole time! Crazy!

Our hotel had hammocks but no shade! They had cornhole too, so we all got our game on! Fun stuff!

These girls just keep growing... I found some pics from 2006 when they were on this same beach, and it brought tears to my eyes... so many memories!

Olivia needed to be protected by her Dad, always looking for a stingray!

Still her favorite spot to be... on the beach digging and collecting!

They momentarily forgot about the feeding frenzy going on right by their behinds!

Just a few of them!

Riding in the waves, even if they are small!

Freeze pose! Playing in the parking lots!

Sunsets and kite flying! Perfect ending to our vacation

This little gem was found... my ice cream radar girl, Stephanie... but this was even better cause it had candy too!

Steve found some Moxie! It was a soda his Grandmother mentioned in her book. We had to call and tell her we had picked her up a bottle too!

Ten in a row! Cartwheel perfection! Go Olivia!

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