Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hero Academy 2011

This year both of the girls went away to camp. It was three nights and three days. Olivia has been looking forward to it for a year (or more), and Stephanie is an old pro with this being year number three. A few changes were in store, and unexpected things too. They had a new camp speaker, and a talent show this year. The speaker was great at keeping their attention and teaching them about being a "Super Hero" for God. Being prepared with the armor of God and by living a life empowered by the Holy Spirit. They had some great time of worship and quiet time as well.

The talent show was a new event, and Stephanie wanted to sing a solo without any music. She loves Mandisa's song "Stronger" and did an incredible job, so I hear. I have no pictures or video since we were not there, but she was the top girl. A boy beat her out for first place with his original piano piece. We are both so proud of her ability to get up in front of her peers and pull that off! Olivia was a cheerleader in the crowd, and I guess a very loud one!
Lots of friends!

Theme verse, 2 Peter 1:3

Still getting settled and kicking parents out!

Parent night. I love them, and yet He loves them even more.

Worship service.

Abbie and Olivia were the newbies this year. They were brave as they were on different teams than their closest friends. It was good for them, made them stretch and be confident.

Maddie came as a visitor, she will join in next year. She was making the "deals", and walked away with three bags of skittles after a night of fun!

This is the dorm the girls stayed in. Camp Geneva in Fruitland Park was the host of the camp this year. There is a lake to swim in (yikes, I had to just pretend it was a pool!) a nice big pool, and lots of land to play on. The girls made memories that we hope will last them a lifetime!

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