Friday, May 7, 2010

World History Co-op

Many of you have been with us as we traveled back in time this year with our co-op group as we studied World History. We began in August with Ancient Civilizations and second semester jumped up to Medieval Times. This group of kids worked so hard and we wrapped it up today with a knighting ceremony and they all received trophies. What a great bunch of kids!
Each session began with a student lead prayer and pledge to the American flag. Sometimes home schooling allows kids to forget to practice simple things like walking in a line, raising of hands and learning the pledge to the flag. We made sure to provide them all a chance to practice these skills.
They all had a chance to share a short favorite moment of the year, and it was interesting how they did not just copy each other's responses, they were all different. They all took time to gaze at each other's work from the year, marveling at how we all did so much!
Changes are coming for many of the families in our group, so it was bittersweet to close this chapter out...but we will see what next year holds.
Ms. Janet awarded each student with a certificate of completion and made adorable "World" cookies for snack!
World Class achievement!
Ms. Krista knighted each student as a dame or sir....their paperwork mentioned a parcel of land as well, I will have to check into this!
Olivia took it very seriously, bowing down low and she wanted to be named "Olivia, Princess of the Stars"...what am I going to do with her?
What a crew!


Janet said...

It was a great ending to a great year of co-op! There are not enough positive words to describe how this journey has been for me. Thanks for all your love, support, and encouragement!

The Light's, party of 4 said...

It was a wonderful year and wonderful ending. I felt a bit emotional this year more than the last two. Maybe it's because of the connection we all have with each child. It's an amazing feeling to know you've taken part in a child's learning. I'm cherishing each moment. It's an honor to be part.