Monday, May 17, 2010

Gymnastics recital

This weekend the girls had their annual gymnastics recital. Due to extenuating circumstances, I was not there for the big hurrah! Apparently I did not miss a whole lot...but they did a fabulous job. I do, almost daily, get to see the cartwheels and handstands that took place on the platform of the local, I feel like the future therapy sessions of my absence will be abated.

This is what happens when a wonderful and adventurous Dad is in charge of two girls (who were on their way to a performance) with hair and make-up done. They stop for a picture on a local WWII tank. Gotta love 'em.
This fake smile on Olivia's face is due to the fact that her costume was less than what she expected. Ms. Lori was not quite prepared for this group of girls and their outfits...but they were cute nonetheless.
Warm ups and stretches.
I am not quite sure if this "FAN" movement was a part of the show or not...but it was fun!
Strong arms. She loves gymanstics!
And now to watch the show! The girls also did a signing to song with another group of girls. It was lovely. I was very proud of their efforts and hard practices.

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