Friday, May 3, 2013

Random goodness!

 Stephanie has been getting into this whole baking thing lately...a few weeks ago she made these puff pastries...they don't look too light, but they are and eggy. If she would have had cheese in them, they would have tasted like the ones from the Brazilian restaurant we went to on my birthday! Yum! That is blackberry jelly on top... it is the favorite around here!
 This was a new fish we tried out. It is called Swai. Pronounced Sw-eye. It is an Asian fish and very meaty. It is a nice dense white meat and good size portions. I cooked it with just mild seasonings, but the dark color came from the paprika. It is one we will have on the menu again. It is not as strong as catfish, but not as mild as talipia. The tomatoes around this county are AMAZING! I am just waiting for the corn and the watermelon to come into season, then I know we will be knee deep in summertime!
 We traveled up to Georgia to help Gary and Peg with a yard sale. It was quite the event. The second night of our adventure we ended up slumber partying it up in the empty house. We had put all the loot out on the front lawn and wanted to be there in case any late night or early morning customers came! We worked so hard...and the end result was just grand or two!
 We saw some sights coming home on those old county roads, one was a church named "Old Regular Baptist Church". Now that was a hoot. It caused us to have some laughs as we tried to figure out the brainstorming of how that name was chosen. Another was this worker outside of a Kangaroo jiffy store. She was on a smoke break. She was reading signs, just not the one that said "NO SMOKING!" "FLAMMABLE!" 
 Another great sight was this old redesigned Checkers restaurant. It is now the Chinese/Japanese drive thru! I wonder if you pick a side depending on what type of food you want. Yep, in Stark. I guess there was one too many burger joints.
 Another night we were driving down the road and we were all left in awe over the sun peeking out through a cloud. Many nights this happens, but this night it caught all of us in a glimpse of splendor. We felt like we had just had a small glimpse of heaven. We wondered about how it will be when the clouds roll back and our Savior comes to take us home.

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