Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We decided to go down some unknown roads the other day here in Sumter County. We headed out not knowing which way we would go...we had a blast. On one road we were throwing up some white dust as we kept going around bend after bend, Steve got a little nervous and started humming the tune of dueling banjos from the movie, Deliverance, knowing we might come upon a house full any moment. But we didnot. The girls were hanging out  the opened doors to the van and hanging onto the luggage rack, they wanted to get down after a while of breathing the dust and run ahead. Of course we said sure....

...Within seconds of getting out of the van, Olivia screamed like someone needed to call 911, and started running back to the van, actually she froze in her tracks and we told her to return to the van. We made her settle down and drove the 50 yards to the spot of the commotion. There it was... a five foot black racer with its head reared and not moving. I guess it was more scared than my kid. We sat there for a few minutes and it was not moving. Finally, after I threatened to get out and catch it, it slithered away very very slowly. What fun!
This area we found was beautiful and a challenge to even get a good view. It was a sort of sink hole or dug out lake from hundreds of years ago. There are many phosphate mining areas right in the close vacinity, but the drop off was huge and the growth was not new. We decided a good ol study on the area was needed.

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