Tuesday, May 21, 2013

FInishing school 2012-2013

School's Out! We are officially finished! Olivia is now a fifth grader and Stephanie a seventh grader.
Our last event of the year was a co-op of World Geography. All the kids had their own table to display all of their projects and then many of us Mom's brought goodies from the different places we studied. Our punch was the only representative of Antarctica. Icebergs.

 Olivia had a magnificent year of learning. She made straight A's and one B. She is a great reader and loves science. She finds math a challenge, but loves it when she gets an A!

 Josie tried on Stephanie's headpiece from India and was a cutie.
 Jeanne and Joey McDonald came to see all the projects. Joey loved Stephanie's tour of Australia where she included a budget. For a 13 day continent tour of the natural wonders for a family of four it would cost approximately $35,000.00 !!
Stephanie made straight A's in all of her classes with Florida Virtual School. It was her first time having five different teachers and much responsibility. I am very proud of her efforts. She is a great student.

We have made some changes that I knew were coming. They have not been made without much prayer and fasting. We have loved our adventures that came with homeschooling and I would not change the privilege I have had in teaching my girls all their foundational basics. I have loved building a deep relationship with them based on God's word and experiencing so many avenues of learning. The other moms I have worked with have been amazing. Both girls are going to be attending public school in the fall. Olivia will be attending the local elementary school and Stephanie the middle school. New and great adventures await them. As for me, I am not sure where the Lord is leading me...it is a time of waiting and trust.

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