Monday, April 1, 2013

March school

This past month we spent some time in  Africa studying some history with Egypt, missionaries like Jonathon Livingstone, tie dying with natural colors and learning other things too, but we had a treat on presentation day! A real South African man who was a friend of a friend came and spoke to the kids!He was so cool. He told them what it was like to live there, had a few items to show and video, but mostly everyone was entranced by his accent. Yes, it was silly!

 Olivia shared about the black Egyptian cobra. She made a power point presentation and a clay display. She was great at sharing the details about this poisonous creature.
 Stephanie studied how the pyramids were built. She made a display as well... very interesting dealing with this salt dough! She also used power point.

 In the next session, Mela Striker came and taught us all about Passover. It was amazing. She is so good at it! The kids acted out the scene of crossing the Red Sea, and then Mela shared about many of the customs. I still find it shameful that I do not know so many of the customs that are described in such little detail in the bible, mostly because I never had heard them. It is worth your time to study up on it!

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