Tuesday, November 1, 2011

End of Fall Ball

Olivia finished up her first season of baseball. She was a star player. We were not so sure how it would be when we started on this adventure back in August. Practices were hard, hot and coaching was hard, especially when it came from her Dad. We tried having some family nights of hitting the ball and catching practice back in August, but it was so hot!

She stayed with it, and she surprised not only us, but her coaches and team too! She was one of the best on the team. Steve kept up with her stats (surprise, surprise!!) She ended the season with a batting average of .650 !

Stephanie was the constant cheerleader! She helped carry the equipment and was her biggest fan. Kay-Kay made it to almost every game too! We were not lacking in the family support, we almost never were there alone! Olivia beamed with pride at the love! One of those weeks Conrad showed up and it was a huge surprise! Finn made it to three of the games himself!

Great team and coaches!

Only two girls on the team...and they were both great. D'Yani is a great first base player and runs like the wind. She is as sweet as she is cute, and we loved having her over for some fun this season too!

Most games she had to share the outfield with another player, but she always got to bat! She still needs to work on knowing where to throw the ball and when to steal a base and then she might be ready for the big leagues!

I loved her stance and her great attitude! GO NUMBER NINE!

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