Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a fabulous celebration of thanksgiving we had in our family this year. We had 15 loved ones in our home at a variety of times during the day, and it was just wonderful. This was the first time in five years we have been home and I loved every minute of cooking and serving.
This was our centerpiece made by the girls. They collected the pine cones and found a branch and then put fall leaves on the branches with things they were thankful for written on them. The girls were so much help and it was fun sharing the kitchen and the decorating with my girls. It was a nice glimpse into our future!

I considered getting out my grandmothers dishes and serving dinner on them, but after cooking two turkeys and most of the fixings, we just were blessed by Chinet! This is just a sample of the goodness, too bad you can't taste it!

This was my favorite picture of the day. It brought back warm and fun memories of my childhood. I remember when I was young and we would travel to the Grandparents and go "shooting" out in the clay pit, and then dig the bullets out of the clay... this was just a BB gun with a paperplate turkey taped to the fence, but it was fun and we had a few good laughs! My grandpa still could shoot pretty well even at 92 and with only one eye!

Olivia impressed the crowd as well!

Finn found himself in "timeout" and getting a little encouraging talk from his uncle Todd. I hope it was something like,"learn from my mistakes little man, and walk the straight and narrow!"

The Buhmeyers stopped by for dessert, but ended up just visiting with Sherri and Conrad! It is amazing that just a few short years ago all of these paths did not cross, but God's ways are perfect, and His timing is perfect. We continue to have that truth woven into the fabric of our lives. What a joy to have them over for Thanksgiving.

Girls with Uncle Todd, they were hoping to not get a tight squeeze!

This was a great time of pics. The grands with Mee-Maw! Pictures were part of her gift!

This year I guess the holiday was a little more special because of having Conrad here with us. We had a little scare this past year with him, but with our God's grace and mercy all mistakes were righted! We love and cherish him. Thanksgiving had a new flavor this year, and it had nothing to do with food.

Family and good food! (These smiles were hours and hours before we had combed through the ads over and over and then went and participated in BLACK FRIDAY SALES!)

Just beautiful, my girls and my Grandfather, Roy. Completely humbled by the blessings in my life.


Mee-maw's Surprise 60th Birthday Party! aka Fiesta!

Kaitie pulled it off... Sue was completely surprised and the grands were there to soften the blow!

Mee-maw and her mojito!

My girl and her sprite!

She loves to do this for more minutes....this night she had a friend!

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