Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stephanie's 10th

On one of our most coldest mornings, we woke up to a birthday! Stephanie's 10th came on December 28, 2010. It was due to be a busy day, even though her party was not until the following evening. It is difficult to see, but our roof and yard looked like it had a sprinkling of snow, but it was ice, and it melted within minutes of the sun shining on it.
This beautiful young lady did not want a cake, so we had warm blueberry muffins for breakfast...and a girl has to have candles! How quickly these ten years have been, and how exciting the ones in the future seem. Stephanie still melts me at times when she comes up and just needs a hug. She is not one to show physical affection frequently, so I cherish it. She is still one of the most creative kids I know. Whether it is mud or beads, playdoh or sticks, she is making something out of it. She is an avid reader and can still win at any game that requires memory. Her heart is tender towards little children and she is still trying to find her way when it comes to "school yard" conflict. I love how she wrestles with conviction and chooses her own path. It makes me know she will find her own way.
We started a new tradition in our family this year. Double digits (10) allowed some changes in the way we celebrate. We are very blessed, and so from now on, instead of so much being spent on gifts for the birthday girl, she will choose a ministry or charity of her choice to receive a gift.
This year Stephanie chose to be a part of the missions trip her Kids Church Pastor was going on to India. With his help they came up with the idea of pencil bags full of pencils, pens and goodies. All together we collected 17! It was eye-opening to hear how grateful and excited the kids would be over a few pencils. Perspective. That is the key!
For the party, we thought it would be fun to go to the Drive-In Theater. Yes there are a few still around. The crowd gathered at our house for hotdogs and chips. They made there own candy bags at the Porvaznik Concession Stand.

Another webkinz!
More Liv doll stuff!
It was a chilly evening to bundle up in the back of the van and watch a movie....and so much fun!

And enough popcorn for everyone!

Yogi Bear was the first movie of the night, and it was a good one for this party! Lots of laughs!

Good inexpensive family fun!


Jeanne said...

I know we talked about this the other day but I cannot believe she's 10! I am absolutely head over heels for that concession stand! Girl, that is awesome! She's always been super sweet to my children and we appreciate the hand me down princess stuff. By the way, Jake still wears Olivia's shorts (haha)! He has no clue that they're girl shorts. It'll be our little secret.

The Cannon Chronicles said...

What a good idea for a birthday party. I'll have to use that one in a few years when the kids can appreciate it.