Thursday, January 13, 2011

The new rooms!

So this is how the old room was decorated. I painted it by looking at a sippie cup of Stephanie's when she was about three. Olivia and Stephanie have shared a room from the very beginning and it was first a land of frogs...then they progressed to princess land. Now, for about a year they have been asking to separate into their own rooms. So, the process began. We looked for bedding for a few months and then decided to do it and to have it a part of Christmas gifts. It has been nice to have everyone add a little here and there through the presents. The girls have not been so very gracious when it comes to be painting over the old castle, and seeing my two little ones become independent and have their own need for space. They actually told me "Mom, it is just a painting, get over it!" We all laughed, (my heart crushed), and we began the transformation.

They were right. It was just a painting. The new colors and "stuff" are just wonderful!

This was just some of the piles we took out of the playroom in order for it to become Steph's room. Oh my goodness!

This was Olivia using her own decorating skills on her Liv dolls!
And this is it! Olivia loves her new blue wall (not pictured). And she has told me thank you and that she loves it about a million and one times in just a week.

This was the hardest part of the whole project. Finding a lamp proved to be more than I could take, so I just painted and recovered an existing lamp. It is two sided dots and two sided stripes to match her bedding.
And this is Stephanie's redecorating project of the Liv dolls and the "band"area!

Stephanie is not one for change, so we did hers second. She still on the day of work and painting was hesitant. She loves the final result and is so happy with her pink and brown color scheme.
She loves her area to showcase her work, drawings, and pictures. Being the collector, I had to find and make room for all those goodies too!
It has been so fun watching come into their own space... I know with the future that independence will broaden, and I hope they find just as much fun and contentment with it then as well.
Thanks everyone who bought things for their rooms, we could not have done it without you!

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Jeanne said...

Cute cute cute! Josie and I just love the new rooms! We are soooo amazed that you painted that lamp! You are so creative!