Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Winter freeze of 2010

With not an ounce of complaining, we are having record temperatures this year. We have had about ten days of super cold weather with about seven of those nights in hard freezing temperatures. We were planning on camping six months ago when we made reservations south of Tampa, but I SO called and cancelled them. Not just due to the cold, but because of a crazy week of sickness. Stephanie and I along with Sam and Aaron had undiagnoised food poisoning. It was bad people. Hours of bad. Then Olivia had to have round two of surgery on her mouth. Steve had his yearly bout of vertigo, which left him in the bed for 24 hours. Yikes. But in the midst, we had fun with the "snow".
The girls collected cupfuls off of the deck table. They would come in and warm up just to go back out and play.
They both gathered sheets of ice off of the top of our pool. We live in Florida. Amazing.
This happened about four days in a row.
Good thing we were prepared with mittens, gloves and hats.
This big cold event led us to the next adventure of our lives. Hold on for the ride.


Patti said...

Jill, Wow! Ice in Florida. Your girls are adorable. Miss seeing their beautiful faces.

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I remember when I was a child in Texas and it snowed just a handful of times, and it was magical! No matter that it barely stuck...it was awesome! The thrill of seeing ice on mud puddles and ditches full of water. I'm glad the girls got to experience that this year!