Thursday, January 21, 2010

Skating and other fun

Happy 8th Birthday Emma ! Skating party was the blast! Goodies bags were superior!
Uncle Aaron was scaring a few of us, lost his breath a few times, but was reliving his twenties.

Uncle David put on his old speed skates and showed how to do it backwards! The kids loved having some of the adults joining in the fun. Steve and I did not, and our kids called us "OLD" when we got in the car that night. We just smiled and agreed.

This semester we are focusing on Medieval Times and the Middle Ages. We are loving the curriculum The Story of the World, vol II.

The book series, "You wouldn't want to be..." in this case a knight in medieval times is an interesting look at times of old and how they lived.

This collection of beads was passed down from Ms. Brenda at church...I am still deciding if I need to "pay" her back or not. Stephanie was in her state of creativity and glory all afternoon. For some reason, Sunday afternoons become her zone for making things. It is quite interesting.

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Jeanne said...

What fun! Oh I'd be so incredibly sore on my bony behind after a night like that!