Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Great Mystery...solved

There has been a great mystery in our family for some time...not quite six years but close. Olivia is our child who causes us to shake our head and wonder and at times feel exasperated beyond measure. Some of you have felt another way perhaps, but nonetheless, you have been left in complete awe because of your own kid.

The Holy Spirit did what He does and imparted to me, like a sought after gold nugget, the answer to "Why does my sweet little girl find herself in complete and utter drama at some of the strangest occurrences?" Now, I am sure if I had a mother still here with me helping me raise these two darlings, she could clue me in to some of the inherited traits, but Steve and I are out here trying to figure them out. So, tonight after I reviewed our week, I was able to see a pattern emerge. This is what I put together. Olivia feels such comfort and peace when everything is in order and neat.

Many times when visiting her Aunt Rhonda, there is a deep sigh that is released because her house is so "clean." She believes it is cause the "teenagers" help. I know better.

We have been doing some rearranging and organizing around here, and today she beamed. Her school area was just so...her bedroom was perfect, with everything where it needed to be, the back porch hosed off, and the front room vacuumed and pillows where they needed to be. She just sparkled. Now, I am sure there will be some skeptics, sometimes I read into things a little too deep, but when I understand the anxiety and frustration at my age of the "mess", it is my job to help my little one feel at peace. If she was allergic to dust, don't you think we would do all we could to keep it under control? Well, I guess I have a new incentive for keeping the house more than picked up... and what can it hurt, they are such good helpers anyway.

Boy, I thought this parenting thing was going to get easier, I remember the days when I had to figure out what a certain cry meant, now I am trying to survive the jungle of female emotions. You'd think I'd have the answers. Stephanie, Jennifer and Lesli, you live in a boy-world unknown to the likes of me.


lori said...

I live in both worlds and I go crazy trying to keep up with all the differences....drama on one side...toughness on the other

Jeanne said...

Dear sweet Olivia. I do love that girl. I'm far too familiar with those ways :) said...

Then WHY does she like to come to my house????

Leslie said...

Gosh, Jill, she sounds a lot like me. I feel like I can't function when everything is not just so. I have been known to have the occasional break down too!! Just ask my husband :)

Tiffany said...

I totally understand...I have to have the living room picked up, my bed made, kitchen table clear, and dishes done to feel totally at peace (without divine intervention that is).

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

Girl...that is so me. I CAN NOT concentrate when things are in chaos around me. I need to be able to look around and see order and clean straight lines to focus.

You're such a good mom to recognize this in your child, and to try and accomodate her in this area. Way to go!