Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thanks George and Abe

President's Day around here offered us a chance to discuss again the honor and privilege we have in living here in this great country with a heritage of an adventurous history. It was also a day planned to have a "real" field trip with our growing home school group.

Since the All About Animals are concentrating on Rivers and Lakes this month, we made plans to go over to the Homosassa Wildlife State Park and view the Florida animals, the huge fish bowl, and get up close with the manatees. We did not get to touch them, feed them or even swim with them this time, but they are amazing creatures. The kids loved it. We saw more fish in one area than imaginable. The water was so crystal clear because of the springs, we could see details of all the animals.

One of my favorite parts of the day was pushing my good friend Krista around in one of the free wheelchairs provided in the park, because she has a broken foot. It looked more like a grown-ups stroller, and she was a good sport, and we got that thing up to a pretty good speed going down hills. Sometimes I just like to stir the pot!

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