Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Myakka River

Myakka River State Park was our latest conquest in the camping adventure of our lives. We went with seven other families and had a fabulous time. Most of the kids became "junior rangers" before we left the park on Sunday. They all had such a great time exploring the "caves" (which were really hog trails), hunting down animal tracks down a sandy road (of which they found about 8 different prints), climbing over and on great fallen trees, bike riding, hiking, campfire time and playing games.

We also used our skills at finding hidden treasure through geocashing. We found the treasure and exchanged trinkets with others. Along the trail we walked on the great canopy walkway and walked up to the observation tower. There were a bunch of flies, but amazing. Dodgeball (which they all learned how to play) and the remote car "Rustler" provided great fun. The parents had a fun time playing cards and just being together. Steve and Conrad tented it the first night, and the rest of the time we wore earplugs in the camper. Bug bites, scratches and bruises did not even put a dent in the fun. What a great group of friends.

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