Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter celebrations

How awesome are His creations...and how blessed are we to have a Savior give his life for us. This Easter season we took time to remember the real reason we have celebrations. New life begins with Him and new life begins in an egg...and thus, you have it, every reason to have the numerous egghunts; according to my children. Of course you must have a basket to put them in, and who really wants a bunch of yolks? So how great is it that someone thought of putting candy in them. My girls think it makes the day even SWEETER! Olivia said "Aww, my dreams are coming true!" as she gazed lovingly at her candy stash she had collected at three different hunts.

So pretty dresses, church, family, friends and a ham all line up to take a bow on this Sunday. No one can get all gussied up and not do a few poses. That is what these silly girls did. Strike a pose! We do love them so!

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