Monday, April 14, 2008

Olivia's 5th birthday!

Turning five was a two week event for our family. Mostly because Olivia and Stephanie spent the first week of April at home with the flu and high fevers. We did miss all the early birthdays of friends, and celebrated a little ourselves. We had cake at both grandparents and opened presents too! Olivia got practice blowing out her candles.

Olivia's birthday bash was a roller-skating party. We had pizza and presents first and then headed for the rink. Everyone had a blast. Although there were some bruises, bumps, falls, and tears, there were lots of smiles. We were proud since most of the skaters were first-timers. We are looking forward to more skating nights. Thanks everyone for sharing in our little ones special day.


The Cannon Chronicles said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!!

lori said...

How cute is that.. Happy b-day Olivia