Monday, March 3, 2008

Early spring

"A man's house is his castle." We have heard this many times, and there is some truth to it, we do love our home. Our azaleas just bloomed so thick and full this year, we beamed with pride. The girls are so funny. They have remarked a number of times that they never want to move - well, maybe someday, when they are grown and move into their own house. They have it all worked out in their mind.

Olivia will be the cleaner and Stephanie will be the cooker. Maybe they will even live in the same house when they get married. It all makes me chuckle, hearing their plans. We are not any different than most of you reading this, offering our kids life experiences that will make them well-rounded, confident, young women, and having fun doing it.

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Jeanne said...

Those girls are too sweet. Maybe they'll build a house with connecting garages next door to ya'll or something. Wouldn't that be dreamy? Love you