Thursday, September 26, 2013

How can this be?

I am surprising even myself at the lack of responsibility I have with this blog. NO WAY HAS IT BEEN SINCE JULY, SINCE I HAVE POSTED!!!!!

Reality has set in.

I will be doing some quick catch ups over the next few days and get caught up before October hits. Really no one cares except my dear parents-in law who read this and keep up on their girls. And then there is the one and only Grandmother Diczok who must have wondered a few times if we had fallen off the earth. At times when she can't stand it, she blows up our phones to get caught up, but here I go. Please forgive me. Onward.

July 4th

Fun at the McDonald's house!

We made all kind of goodies. Including chocolate chip overed oreos, all american cupcakes and Jeanne and Olivia were getting caught up on technology! Good friends!

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