Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The first month...

What an incredible time we have had this month! As I looked back over my photos, it seems like we must be a tired people! What a fun life! Here are some highlights!

1. We have Busch Gardens Passes for the year! The girls LOVE the rides and we love seeing their thrilled faces. They are both roller coaster girls! Super fun for the whole year!

2. School began again after our Christmas break, and both of the girls make me so proud with their schooling. I feel like my job is nearing its end, praying about some changes that could occur over the next months. Scary yet exciting. Our study of South America was a trip down nostalgia road for me. It was a great time to reflect and remember the blessings of the Lord. He truly does give us the desires of our heart, just like a good Father.

3. A quick trip to South Carolina to pick up a new extended family member was quite the adventure. Samantha and I hoped in the car on a moments notice, drove all the way to Columbia, South Carolina... slept, had breakfast, got Suki. Then we headed back home in order to get there in time to meet up with a awesome group of women, and have a night of sushi! Samantha and I got caught up on our six months of conversation that had been stifled by just the business of life!

4. A dear dear friend went on to be with the Lord this month. She was a lady who would make you feel welcome. She was a treasure for us while she was here. Hard of hearing and yet full of stories, she enjoyed each day and it's adventure.

5. My dear husband took me out for my birthday to a delicious meal at a Brazilian Churresqueria, Nelore. It was amazing. Our time was too...not much more I enjoy than his company. We have great conversation, plan future dreams and relish in our blessings of the here and now.

6. My girls made me my birthday breakfast and are making the day a blast. They are doing their part to give me all I asked for this year which was a day filled with kindness and thoughtfulness.

I have such a great family and life. I am kept entertained by girls who always are full of fun. They teach me things daily. They stretch me in ways I know I am better afterwards. I find an accountability in life that I did not know before. I pray I am leaving a life of honor and adventure for them to see as an example!

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