Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Monday

House is decorated for Fall. Olivia and I love to decorate. Steph helps if there is a craft to do, so I try to cover both bases. Stormie (apparently thinks he is the other child) is not a fan of the changes. He has tipped over both arrangements and tries to swipe off the window clings or the banner hanging in the windows. We now have a spray bottle that helps with the command of "NO!"

The menu is planned for two weeks, laundry is getting done, girls are in charge of the floors today getting swept or vaccumed, and toilets and dishes are still on the agenda. This is lunch break and I have visions of bon-bons and TV for the remaining of my week after today. Let a girl dream. I know better, but I am going to pretend. I might even get a pedicure. aahhh.

Olivia cheered her last game on Saturday, and now has her eyes set on competition at the end of October. She has loved it and excited to start at a local gym to continue her training. She is really good. She was the best cart wheeler of her squad and it is so nice to see her confidence grow.

I will let  you know how the bon-bon session works out. Have a good week!

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