Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tallahassee or bust!

Our spring weekend getaway with our home school group was to our great Capitol city, Tallahassee. Ten families headed north and we had a weekend filled with fun! From amazing sights, to historical views, to educational findings, to good eats.. all were to be found!

One of the most amazing places we went to this weekend was the San Luis Mission. It has been recently renovated to its original buildings and land. The staff was filled with fascinating facts, and the kids were like sponges. I did not get pictures of the blacksmith, because my battery died in the camera. We spent the most time there as the kids kept coming up with ideas for him to demonstrate. It was absolutely cool!

This wooden door was beautiful. One of the most special artifacts found in the digging was a quartz cross, assumed to be worn by one of the spanish priests who had came to live amongst the Appalachee Indians.

The council house I did not get a pic of either, and it was incredible. They had the whole thing figured out long before the 20th century came along and air conditioning was invented. It was a magnificent structure.

We had to hit the local Krispy Kreme donut store the first night.... oh the madness. It is a place to put into practice your self control. Oh my!

Outside the New Captiol building. We did not go in because Congress was still in session.

This is the original Capitol front steps. We were not a fan of the window coverings, in reminded everyone of the ice cream or barber stripes. But apparently, that is was hung there when it was dedicated long long ago.

This is impressive. The stained glass in the dome causes people to stand and stare. Our kids did not disappoint when it came to hunting for clues in the captiol scavenger hunt, nor when it came time to sit and listen to the speaker. They behave and are so respectful, it makes a Momma proud!

The flag room was Olivia's favorite. Mine too, they had an old bottle colllection that was enough to make me want to be a collector!

This bronze statue exhibit is outside of the Museum of History. It includes the Indians and the colonists who tried to live in peace together. It was gorgeous.

Bones and fossils make a museum complete!!!

Between the Capitol, the Museum, the Mission, the mall, and the freezing pool (which they all went in-CRAZY!!!) at the hotel, it was an amazing weekend. Times like these make home schooling be the icing on cake of education!

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