Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A chocolate kind of month!

Pure torture for someone who loves chocolate. Between the billboards we drive past weekly and the factory we drive past weekly, Stephanie and Olivia have been waiting for years to stop by a whole store filled with chocolate! They commonly have Russell Stovers on their gift list over holidays and Stephanie got that same DNA urge that her Uncle Jason shares...CHOCOLATE AT ANY COST!

For Valentines, we went. It was photo worthy!

This is the box she wanted...$30.00... but she got the dollar sampler box instead! Don't feel sorry for her, she also purchased about four other bags/boxes to devour!

Olivia was a good sport, not really a chocoholic, she mainly likes the gummy/sugary candies!

One of our school days with Emma and Maddie...it was a neon kind of day.... they look like they'd been time-warped back to the 80's!

This was just one of our activities we did for Valentines Day Chocolate study... it was fun playing with food!

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