Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fun Times

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day! My girls gave me coupon books full of coupons for pedicures, bed making, dish doing, laundry folding and even some hugs and kisses! I love them so much, some days I can't believe they are mine! They are funny and so kind. One thing that I love most is that they don't just save it for the one day a year that Mother's are celebrated, I get shown it all the time !

One of my memories this year will be of the woman we met during lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. We were sitting inches away from her and as she sat alone, my heart went out to her wondering if she was a mother. Could I have this table full of blessings with my girls, and yet she be alone and uncelebrated? The whole restaurant was full of Mother's getting a lunch out but with someone to share their meal with. We gently began conversation. The girls complimented her on her jewelry and we soon learned that she was Mother of five grown kids, 12 grand kids and 6 great grands. Her sporadic conversation soon came with ease and developed into a details of her life here and the life in Ohio she had left. I was so glad to have shared the day with her. We never exchanged names, we just shared life on this great day of both being Mothers. My girls told me when we got in the car that they were proud of me for sharing my Mother's Day with a stranger. I was glad too!

Saturday, May 7th, we had our end of the year Science Fair. Each of the kids worked on a project and presented it to their peers and to the adults who came. They all did a tremendous job! Stephanie's was on the lastability of gum. She was quite the presenter!

Olivia had worked on finding out which lip gloss lasts the longest. She was in her element!

I felt it was necessary to celebrate Cinco de Mayo last week. So I had a plate of redneck nachos. Yes people, we keep it simple around here.

We have had some cat drama around our home lately, but Greyday has decided she is staying. Her stress has been so high she is losing her fur, but we are doing all but give cat spa treatments to reduce her stress.

Another day recently, a group of us headed to MOSI to take in the day. We had a great time. It was nice to have them be older to wander the areas on their own...they knew we were right on the other side of the wall, but they liked their independence. We saw two great movies and the BUG exhibit. It was amazing to see what can be done with dead bugs!

This picture was back from Easter. I love it. The girls love their Papa and he adores them. Soon they will be taller than him, but he just gets cuter all the time.

I never posted about Easter, but we had our usual egg hunt in the house. They crack me up... I wonder if at 19 they will want plastic eggs hidden down the hallway in plain sight. Their baskets were filled with things they needed like shorts, bathing suits and new nightgowns, of course some candy too! Later Olivia asked me if I was the Easter bunny, so I confessed I was! She said, "Yeah, I knew you were, but I was just going along with it!" I think she thought the baskets might end if the truth was told, funny girl!

The pool is open and being used daily. They were being creative this day....I just wonder why do we need a hose on when the pool is full of water! $$$$$$$$

Quite brilliant they are!

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