Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bragging Rights

This past year part of our weekly schedule was a BUSY Wednesday! We left the house each week around 8:30 a.m. and we did not get home until around 8:00 p.m.! The day included P.E. and Art class. Lunch and play time at the park. An afternoon of library and computer school. Hanging out at Aunt Sam's house. And finally going to First Baptist of Wildwood for AWANA.

It is a weekly club where the kids learn scriptures and earn badges. Olivia shot for the stars. She did an amazing job. In one year she did what is written in the curriculum to take 3 years. She was on a mission. Her teachers Ms. Debbie and Ms. Trina were her biggest cheerleaders. Every Wednesday at the end of club the entire kids program would meet back together and recognized by their peers for their hard work. I think all but one week of the year she had her name called and all cheered!
She received a special plaque and a beautiful bible as her reward for all of her efforts. Her tenaciousness gives her braggin rights for a long time! We are so very proud of her!

Notice all her badges!

Chloe was like the little engine that could....she never gave up and the last night of class was beaming from ear to ear and proud of her ribbon and completion of her book too! She was braggin that she decided not to be a "slacker" anymore! Gotta love this girl!

This is the lovely Ms. Trina. I don't think Olivia knew she would love her teacher so much...I did! I always knew she would be the student who won the heart of her teacher and would wear the badge of "teacher's pet" proudly!! Olivia will miss her, but I bet there will be lots of hugs next year when she can sneak away to find Ms. Trina!

What an incredible treasure this church body has given to our family. Our kids have always loved VBS with them, and summer camp too, now they can add AWANA to the list! Olivia can not wait to go to her first overnight camp that is coming in July!

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