Thursday, November 11, 2010

My how time flies..unless you are a rock!

Time seems to be fleeting around here when it comes to life and school. This past month has included getting Grandpa's book to the publisher..done! A church yard sale, which included cleaning out closets! Teaching school and enjoying the fun of the fall festivals were just added bonuses!
This month we are focusing on the earth and geology! Once again, I am going to sing the praises of the group of families we home school with. It is a tremendous blessing! These moms bring their A game and teach serious school. The girls would not be so successful without this group! I am very thankful for this time we have and I do not take it for granted. Being able to stay home and teach them and extend our time learning about life together is a treasure for Steve and I. His willingness to work so hard and all the coupon cutting, short cuts and fruggle-ness I find myself being a part of is worth every cent, even on left over night!

Classifying rocks! Who knew it could be so easy to understand! Thanks Krista!
Microscopes big and cool was it to see!
Rice Krispies and marshmallow sure helped when learning about the layers of the earth! That magma looked hot, but it was just fluff!
Paleontologists have nothing on this crew....using toothpicks and brushes they found fossil after fossil of chocolate chips in cookies....are retrieved them in perfect condition!
A short field trip to the polling office on Voting Day! I was almost embarrassed when one of them whispered (loudly) about me voting the way Steve TOLD me too while I was using the "cheat" sheet!
The two princesses came with us to have a fun backyard party at Ms. Doris King's on the Friday before Halloween! We had a table full of tricks for those "Trick or treaters". It included eyeballs, a dead man's hand and guts...all to be touched without looking in the boxes! HA!
Princess of Russia and Princess of Paris. Gotta love their cleverness !
And last but not least, Dr. Wong was correct when he told us back in April that all the teeth were growing just fine. I am loving the gummy smiles and the cuteness of toothlessness around here. It will be gone before you know it, so we are enjoying it!

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