Monday, November 29, 2010

Family Vacation part 2

First day in DC was all about the Monuments and the Memorials. We walked and walked and were super tourists. The night before, when we were driving by, there were squeals and screams as the sites came into view. Steve said I was the loudest. I doubt it! We became very acquainted with the METRO and everyone we met in the area was super helpful and kind. When we rounded the corner and the Washington Monument came into view, there was a collective gasp. It seemed like we would never get there, but we did.
This was the view seen most often. These six blondies were always at the front of the pack. They had become well versed in their map skills, and knew the location of most of the places we were visiting.
This was the view from the east window at the top of the Washington Monument. Amazing.
This was out of the west window. The newest memorial World War II was very impressive. Out the north window was the White House. It was very strange to see so many surrounding buildings. I was most surprised at how close the Pentagon was to everything...memories of 9/11 came flooding back.
This picture was taken at the Ranger Station where we had lunch. The girls were their typical monkey selves, climbing all over things!
The WWII memorial was very inspirational. The metal scenes that lined the walkway told the unforgettable story.
In front of the reflecting pool. It is about to be under more green water.
This was one of the top favorites of all of us. We loved reading the wall, climbing the stairs and just being there.
Being respectful and quiet while at the Vietnam Wall just came natural. We had a special moment listening to soldiers talk with a volunteer about serving this country. It was one of my favorite memories of the trip.
Jefferson Memorial. We just did the drive by.
Another drive by. The Pentagon. Up on the hill at the Iwo Jima gave us this perspective of the city. The Arlington National Cemetery was just to the south. We were able to walk over and see the vast sea of white markers. It was breathtaking.
This is my most loved photo of our trip. It was the girls' idea to stand at attention and salute. They were very serious. They loved knowing Uncle Aaron was a Marine and it helped make the connection between us and history.

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