Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time with Finn

We spent our day on Tuesday with my nephew Finn. He is my sister Kaitie's son. Oh how we love him! He cracked us up so many times we lost count. His laugh is infectious and we could not get enough! Our day started out at Burger King. He just watched us eat breakfast!

After getting home from the doctor's because of Olivia's earache, anddropping off a script, we had to get back for some school work. Finn decided on doing his reading in his little chair!
Curious George count to ten!
He tried out what long hair would be like!
And we had recess in the pool aka hottub!
So who needs a nap in the crib, when one can just lay out under the trees and watch the leaves blow!
And for lunch we snacked on PICKLES! Everyone loved them! What a fun day!

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Jeanne said...

Cute cute cute!!!!