Friday, September 24, 2010

Monday School

This school year, we have a special day on Mondays. Emma and Maddie are joining us for a day of learning, and so it is extra special. We have a BIG field trip planned for November that includes Washington D.C. and so we are doing some learning about our nation's history. We have learned about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and their homes and Mt. Rushmore too. The girls have glued, cut, stapled, written reports, interviews and even performed some small skits. Learning the preamble (singing it to the old tune of schoolhouse rock) (thanks Youtube) and watching Liberty Kids on Netflix has added to our learning too. Oh, I feel so up-to-date using technology in my classroom. What a blessing.
We have not forsaken the always handy dandy public library!
Oh, these girls have some serious drama inside that is screaming to come out!
And one of the best parts of the day is recess in the pool and lunch out on the deck!

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Jeanne said...

Now that's a good Monday, right there!