Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Science is Cool and Hot!

Bill Nye the Science Guy has nothing on David Schott. He was the Science is so Cool it is Hot, guy last week when we had our Science Kick-off meeting with all of our home school families. We are up to 19 this year in our group, and these are just some of the anxious faces of the crowd.

Here he was showing everyone how matter is still matter no matter what size it is. This rock is still a rock if it is broken.
This was the neatest thermometer...it was a laser one! It got some serious oohs and ahhs!

Here we were adding heat to some really cold molecules and trying to make them get moving so they would spread out!!!! Melting ice in a Ziploc had never been so fun!

This is what happens when you put a bar of Ivory soap in a microwave and had heat to those molecules...they really move around....it turns into a pile of foam!

Outside we were going to witness fire....I missed the photo...but it was FANTASTIC! Like something in the movies!
And then the liquid nitrogen came out....and we froze grapes, hot dogs, balloons, and made a mess! Great fun!
So when the evening was finished, the kids were wound up with great expectations of science for this next school year! It will be one filled with great learning and lots of fun!

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Jeanne said...

That looks like a blast (literally)! I think Dave seriously loved "teaching" again :)