Sunday, July 4, 2010

Through the eyes of a child

Movie night this weekend was a moment around here.... we reread the book over dinner and talked about dreams. This was a preventative measure because my youngest has been struggling with dreams and being scared. I thought this would help her see another perspective of imagination. We are got settled in for the movie, had popcorn popped, pillows and blankets gathered and I kept the remote handy for the moments to push the pause button.

It was a good movie. We stopped and talked a lot. The director should have recorded us for the commentary. Geesh. But it was all good. Olivia at one point shed tears. Real ones. Sorta sobbing. I did not think it would affect her this way. I think the ideal life that Max wanted is how Olivia thinks too. We really liked how the characters were associated with the Wild Things. We liked how powerful a dream could be. We liked how everyone searches for a King. We liked how the "big sister" protected Max. We liked how the Momma shows she cares, no matter what.

I did not expect to see my kids play "Where the Wild Things Are" the next day!

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