Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

We had a blowin' up-blastin'-time on the fourth. It was a day full of hot muggy mosquito fun!

The girls even were able to enjoy some wet fun with the "rigged" up sprinkler on the trampoline. You can barely see it...look behind the vine in the bottom right corner.

The girls and I had made an old fashioned jello drip cake and it was good, but we were so full from the hamburgers and fries that the chef cooked.

This is just the beginnings of the rounds of gunpowder we had in our hot little hands. It was a serious amount.

These are called MIGRAINES!
The twirlly whirls in the box (with the black propellers) were the favorites. There were also some screamers that I thought my ear drum had burst it was so loud.
Had to still have some sparklers.
There was just a burn or two... but we survived.
This is a roll of nothing but fire crackers. The guys unrolled it about four times and would let it blow up across the yard. It sure made Aaron do a dance. The last round burned and popped for a minute forty nine seconds. Whew, the smoke and noise.
I guess the fireworks and the smoke, fire and blasts get adrenalin pumpin' and testosterone flowin'!
This was the only shot I got of the actual sky. They were very beautiful. I am one of those oohher's and auhher's and even give a wahoo when it is one of those really big ones that fill the sky. Right on guys, you did a great job.

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Amy Gail said...

My mama used to make those jello drip cakes and for some reason, I've been thinking about making one lately. I do love the fruity flag. And that look on Aaron's face is just pure excitement and satisfaction. I've never seen so many fireworks. It looks like somebody robbed the firework outlet on the interstate.