Monday, June 29, 2009

VBS and pondering thoughts

Last week the girls and many of their friends attended a Vacation Bible School at First Baptist Church in a neighboring town. It was fantastic. The girls woke up each day ready to roll, and most days happy if I had planned an activity for the afternoon. By Friday we were all whipped and ready for a restful weekend.
One of my conversations (completely out of the blue),in the car with Stephanie was very interesting.
It went something like this.
"So, Mom, are you saying that even in the times of the Egyptians, God knew I would be born in Ocala, on a certain day, be named Stephanie and look like I look?"
"Yes, He did. Isn't that amazing."
"But, that is more than my mind can imagine!!!!"
"I know, that is what is so cool about God, He has ideas and thoughts that are so above what our mind can think, it is hard to even consider it all."
"Yeah, I wonder how he thought to make the He figured out how it could make oxygen for us to breathe."
Then Olivia chimed in, "And He did not make the roads or the signs, but he made the brain of the person who figured out how to make those things."
Well, I guess they got it...for now, there will be much more to come....Tell me about a time when God's ways were so above yours, it left you in awe.


The Cannon Chronicles said...

VBS was pretty awesome! I heard some neat comments from Connor too! Having him describe what he learned was fun to hear. Of course his favorite part each day was the snack and playing outside with his friends.

Jeanne said...

Love some VBS! All 2 days of it for my sick child! She'd do anything to stay home with Mommy! I love the conversation between you and the girls about God. It's too stinking sweet. Love ya