Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kid's Church

The girls love the children's pastor at our church. Ron and Sheryl Sellers are one of those blessings from God that one only hopes for when raising kids. I have known them since I was 12, and they seem to be drinking from the fountain of youth. Must be from working with kids. They served in India as missionaries for years, and have returned to be faithful in leading the children of our church into being servants of the King. I adore the passion in the girls hearts for what they are learning each week.

Someday soon I am going to eat some of that Indian cooking that Ms. Sheryl knows how to cook, and I will be sure to share the recipe.

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Leslie said...

The Sellers are great! I got to spend time with them some in my high school years because of the Mosers. They amaze me! How lucky those kids are!