Monday, August 18, 2008

School Days are here!

Little Miss grown, Stephanie

Olivia our little kindergartner

The girls at their desk.

Our two lovely girlies began school today. For one it was like an old comfortable pair of shoes, and for the other one it was scary and it made her "nervous". Olivia began Kindergarten and Stephanie jumped right into grade three.

Both love the routine and schedule of life. Stephanie loves to be home and loves even more not to brush her hair in the morning. She would wear her jammies or panties for school if her teacher let her. Olivia had her bed made, was dressed and hair done before I even asked.

Olivia's co-op group is learning about habitats this year and she is raring to go on the whole coral reef world. Stephanie's co-op group will be learning about the colonial times and pioneers. Both of them could barely stand being left out of the other ones teachings, so that is how it goes, two for the price of one.

One of the greatest treasures I have is to help them learn about God and to take time to hide his word in their hearts. It is something to hear them say it and another to watch them live it. Oh, I love those girls.


Jeanne said...

That school desk looks so very different since the last time I saw it. Your girls are beauties! I know you'll have the best year!!

lori said...

Hey, do they get two days off for the storm :)

Luke said...

Woo-hoo! May this be a great year!


Christina said...

Glad your year has started off so great! We are doing good so far this year too. Takes a little bit more work with one with a learning disability but it's SO worth it!

Hannah said...

Your classroom looks great! You are just so good!! Your girls are very lucky to have such a wonderful mother to love and teach them!!

I loved seeing the beach pictures. Brings back many of the beach trips I went on with you and the girls. I just wish I could tan like you and your girls!


The Cannon Chronicles said...

Happy "Back to School" to you! I know you'll have a wonderful school year. I can't wait to see what your sweeties will learn this year!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...


What a blessing to have gotten to meet you in Texas this weekend! I had a great time at the Siesta pajama party. I am really looking forward to knowing you better...


Mocha with Linda said...

It was such fun to meet you this weekend!