Friday, August 15, 2008

Redington Shores, FL

What a vacation! Eight people, the gulf,a condo, guitars, some sunny days, some cloudy days and the fishing pier. Those are the ingredients for a great time.

Of course, we had our own ideas that included sleeping in, reading a good book, sushi, bowling, and pizza with a greek salad. The men had their eyes on the fishing pier. Aaron caught a few trout and Steve hooked a BIG snook,and two HUGE reds, all while Aaron was the bait man... but did not keep it since it is not the season yet.

The girls had their eyes set on fun, fun and more fun. American girl dolls,games, drawing, playdoh and making up songs, that is how they spent most of their day indoors. Disney channel held their attention in the mornings along with the most expensive chocolate milk I have ever bought. Many days we did not head out to the beach until almost lunch. What were we thinking? Hours seem to pass like minutes, and we would find ourselves looking at the clock and being shocked at the time.

The Olympics took up all of our evening. What am I saying? We were up til the wee hours of the morning most nights. We just had to watch the medals ceremony, to sing along and shed another tear. We disagreed with the judges, wondered how the chinese girls are so little, how M.Pehlps could be part merman, and agreed that it must be genetics.

Oh the beach, the white sand was everywhere, and we did not even care. It was in our towels, suits, hair, and even cameras. Seaweed was everywhere, and we did care. It was in the water, on the sand, and even in our suits. On our last day, it was washed out by a storm and we tried to be happy about that. Suntans...well as we debated over what level of sunscreen to wear, we just realized the fact is we were only in the sun for 3 days.

Our kids gave us many laughs, many kisses and much love. They gave us moments where we were left wondering how have we survived at parenting. I think we reminded them of the whole "yes ma'am, No sir" manners a gazillion times. Boundaries were stretched, and agruments were attempted.

But, this life is worth it, we all have much to learn. We are quick to take these moments and know they are fleeting. All too soon we will be left alone in the condo and the girls will be hanging out with friends in the pool.Oh my. We love our time together, and cherish it as a treasure.



Leslie said...

Wow! The girls have your ability to get savaged. Lucky ducks. It reminds me of my family's yearly week at St. Augustine. Sam joined us many times. These vacations are so important and they will remember them always. They are my favorite part of childhood.

The Russ Family said...

Cute, cute pictures. Those pictures of the girls laying out remind me of us about 17 years ago. Start them out young. :-) I feel pastey now. That is so nice that your girls are so close in age. I guess I was a late bloomer.

The Light's, party of 4 said...

Love it!! I'm glad you all are refreshed. Great memories are so much fun to make. love you.......