Monday, June 23, 2008

Soul Sisters

So this is not the theme music for the vacation bible school "Outrigger Island", but I have been waiting to use this song that my girls and I jam out to often. It seemed appropriate since all of us had some special times with our friends this past week.

Olivia met a new friend named Heather. She described the little girl with such passion, I knew Olivia had met a pal. "This little girl has red hair, yellow-green eyes and eternally white skin!" She loved going to class each day and it was her second year with Ms. Anglea.

Stephanie was moved into a class with her friends and she met a few new ones. Her teacher, Ms. Tracey was happy to have her in class, Steph was a good listener and a good sport. Stephanie let us know that she wanted to be baptized. We were pleased to know she is wanting to proclaim her love for the Lord. The lesson "Know the truth, Speak the truth, Live the truth" will be a motto in our lives too.

I had a fabulous time spending it with all of my girlies. We played canasta, talked, lounged, hung out at Samantha's home (thanks sam!) and solved some of the world's problems. It was nice to have some "soul sister" time, sharing our hearts and lives together. A few of us even admitted to being addicted to blogs.

After five days of early rising, eating on the run, going to class and figuring out lunch meals and afternoons of swimming in Ms. Anita's pool, we (mostly me) were happy to wrap up the event of our yearly VBS.

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