Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Paper dolls

The girls were deep into pioneer world today, bonnets and all. Laura and Mary in my home, helping with the chores. They got out their paper dolls. Yes, I said paper dolls. When was the last time you saw a commercial announcing the new toy of the future, paper dolls.

Well, it made me sad but happy.

Sad for the days of old when something so simple could keep a young ones mind occupied for hours, sad for our discontenment at times of how "easy" life used to be. I bet the Israelites thought that too as they roamed the desert, forgetting the slavery they had lived in. Just as we forget a day had to be set aside for laundry. The crops had to be grown and harvested and stored. The kids grew at the same pace, but a new pair of shoes or a new dress was not quickly acquired down at the local store. Sad for our constantness in this life.

So here my girls sat and dreamed of being Laura and Mary. That is why it made me happy. Sisterly love. Adventure. A home of love and pa's fiddle playing. The adorableness of a bonnet wearing head. The tv off, no thoughts of the modern conveniences. Just the attraction of how life was back then. How arithmetic was probably more fun than math. Precious. Paper dolls.

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lori said...

What an awesome post. I love me some little house!