Friday, February 22, 2013

A list kind of day

I love the days when it just seems like "can it get any better than this?"

Weather has been gorgeous. Girls went in swimming. School is on the down hill slide. Plans are being made for fall. Gymnastics is a highlight of the week. Saving money in our family jar lends it self to dreams of how to spend it later. Olivia is settling into being quite a baker which leaves us with goodies. yum. Stephanie is almost eye level to me, but appreciates my wisdom, most of the time. Steve is the one I most want to spend time with and I treasure his company.

The dishes still need to be washed, laundry still sits in the baskets, our house is definitely lived in and it shows, the van is dirty and the table piled with computers, scrapbooks, and school...but it is our life. Gas is close to four dollars a gallon, more money is going to the government each week, but we are taken care of. The gator basketball hoop still hangs in the living room from last weekends silliness, we are still making our way to Azkaban with Harry, and my eyebrows are overgrown and my life is grand.

My mind wanders into the depths of the jails with Joseph, Paul and Silas...looking for clues of their trust, faithfulness and vision. I adore their stories of how in their humanness they recognized God for their very life. I love how they were raised up to draw others to know the living and awesome God even when it came at a cost to them. When they could have sang the justified song of "it's not fair"; these men looked for what was next. When reputations were being slayed they kept their cool and offered redemption. When the officials made decisions that seemed so wrong, they trusted in the One with the greatest plan.

Trust I will.

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