Monday, April 2, 2012

Olivia's narrative writing

(Spelling and Grammar were left as she wrote it)

The week that changed my life
They were terribly mad. People were so angry. Nicademus said anyone that claimed he was the Son of God would be crucifyed! I was at the olive garden when Roman soldgers came. They shoved me out of the way to get to a man named Jesus. He was on his kness talking in this launge I did not understand. I watched the soldgers take the poor man away. When they took him I followed them. I grabed my donkey and casually followed them.
We walked into Jerusalum. My mother took me up on a mountain in Jerusalem. It is called Golgath. It makes me feel like this man is going to get crucifyed. I thought maybe this man in not inasinte (innocent). I went back home and woke up at the crack of done and went back to the top of Golgatha. There was screming and crying……
It was Jesus. He had shed his blood. He was wearing a crown of thorns, crying. He said I love all of you. I am dieing for you, he said in a weak voice. In that moment I started to weap and said I love you. I believe in you and thank you for dieing for me.
That’s not the end of the story for a nine year old girl in Jeruslem. Three days later I was there with Mary when the angel came and said Jesus is alive! It hit me. JESUS IS ALIVE! I said it again in a rejoycing voice.

By Olivia Porvaznik

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