Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Changin it up!

Okay,here are a few things that have made me more than a little happy lately.

1. I saved $124.00 and spent $84.00 on my last grocery shopping trip at Publix!
2. We picked up a new card game called Ratuki and it has made more than a little fun around here.
3.I am involved in a women's bible study that is not just finger lickin' good, but my heart, mind and soul feel refreshed and fed.
4. Another night of chicken and rice was making me a little sad, so I threw in a few extra spices like cinnamon, ginger, curry, garlic, cilantro, and a dab of tandori spice and yee-haw it was so good Olivia could not even resist!
5. I used the orange infused olive oil I received as a Christmas present from "Nan" in our brownies the other night, and they are just something!
6. My Grandfather has sold and given out almost a hundred books to date and it makes me so happy and proud of him!
7. We have been about 3 weeks without any freeze warnings....which means our power bill will be less!!!!
8. God's continual protection and healing power over my kids was evident over the weekend when Stephanie fell and most likely had a concussion, but I just encouraged her to lay down and take a break...after she said "everything went black, and then I just woke up!" I realized what I had done and not done....Love how He covers me.

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Janet said...

Sounds like a busy, full life! I want to know how you did so good at the grocery store - I try, but cannot seem to do anywhere near that good! Love ya!