Friday, October 22, 2010

A horse kind of day!

We went up to Gainesville to visit the Aunts and the horses. To celebrate a friend's birthday (super late) we made plans to spend the day with Lady and Trooper. The girls were so excited sleep was hard to find and breakfast was even more difficult. But once there, they seemed to be in heaven. They jumped right in with directions from Aunt Marge with the brushing and jobs to be done for the prep of riding.
Lady and Olivia getting in some grooming time.
Taylor fell in love with Trooper and did not care how dirty she had to get!

Stephanie was a little trepidatious over the large animals, but she persevered and made the choice to have a great time. She was very brave.
Lady had to be rode with the Aunts on the lead rope, because she gets a little fussy! Lady is a beautiful horse and lovely to watch.
Lady is over 15 hands high.
Taylor rode Trooper like a pro. She was able to get him into a trot and even into a canter. She was patient and seemed to be a natural.
Trooper earned his name this day, all the girls took their turns pulling on the reins and leading him this way and that. It was such a great time.
Olivia just took over and lead Trooper all around one end of the ring back and forth over and over. She let him have weed treats and had complete control over him. I was very proud!
We ended the day rewarding the horses for their hard work, and then rewarding ourselves as well. Having lunch with Grandmama and Aunt Dee Dee was icing on the cake!

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