Sunday, April 25, 2010

Early Graduation

We celebrated Mihai's (our neighbor) graduation from high school last Sunday. Things have been a little busy around here, but we wanted to make this happen before another close neighbor of ours, Mr. Mike, headed back north to be a Ranger in the National Forest. Mihai is our neighborhood watch. He knows when we are gone, when we return, or if we have company. He has let us know if our yard gets too high, a fence needs repairing, or if there is a bad weather storm on the horizon. Everyone should have a Mihai. Via the internet, he keeps us up on the current value of our home and could tell you of your own square footage or where your closets are in your floor plan. Very interesting. Congratulations Mihai, you have earned this time of celebration.

His choice: chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chips and salsa. He ate all of it!
Plans are formulating to go see a Tampa Bay Ray's game for these two!
The girls helped me get all the food ready and to decorate. Mr. Mike hosted the event!
Our favorite Ranger, Mr. Mike.
Mihai and his parents, Glenn and Carol.

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The Light's, party of 4 said...

seriously, as close as we are, I've never known of this relationship with your neighbor. I learn something knew all the time.