Monday, November 9, 2009

Ancient Greek Symposium

Our day usually begins like most school days...pledging our allegiance.

And then...things look a little different.

This day we gathered to experience some facts and ideas of Ancient Greece. Vases were drawn, gods and goddesses and myths were discussed, health and well being were taught, columns were designed and created, laurel wreaths were woven and assembled and there was a great symposium with a feast.

This was a fun game called "honey, I love ya, but I just can't smile." They all sure cracked up!

This was the table feast I prepared. We discussed olive trees and their uses. Sheep and lambs and their products, like Feta cheese and yogurt. I created a kid-friendly baklava using cinnamon rolls instead of phyllo dough, it was a big hit. Sweet bread from honey and crescent rolls along with hummus was on the table too. Pita bread to make mini gyros, watered down wine aka grape juice, honey on fruit, some squid and baked chicken rounded out the menu. They were very adventurous with their willingness to taste new things. What fun!

The worst part of the feast was when I told all the girls that they would not have been invited because they were not men...and only men attended the symposiums...well, I told them they could come if they served the food, drinks, sang, danced, or even did acrobatics...they all boo-ed the idea down...but the boys loved it!


The Light's, party of 4 said...

Loved this co-op! You did a superb job with the food and took great pics. I miss having a camera! This school year has been my favorite yet. Looking forward to Olympic day!

Xandra@Heart-of-Service said...

I love it! You always do the coolest things with the girls...